Find Duplicates. Fast.
Find Duplicates. Fast.

Quickly locate duplicate files across terabytes of data. Simply select a folder or volume and unleash the power of Dup Detector. Effortlessly maintain a photo library or merge out of sync directories with confidence. Dup Detector will navigate subfolders and hidden files with ease. Oh and it's free!

  • Efficient Design

    The interface doesn't distract with unneeded animations. The intuitive interface makes finding duplicate files a snap. No fuss. No complicated menus. Just select a folder and go.

  • Reclaim Drive Space

    Effortlessly reclaim gigabytes of storage space! Many people are surprised at how many duplicate files are scattered around an average computer. When you start to run low on space, clean out your current hard drive instead of buying a new one!

  • Safe & Predictable

    Duplicate files are automatically found, but not automatically deleted. You are in complete control of what to do with the duplicate filees. Run Dup Detector knowing your data is safe.

  • Cross Platform Compatibility

    Mac, Windows, and Linux users can quickly use Dup Detector to scan NTFS, APFS, HFS+, FAT64, FAT32, and EXT3 drives with ease.

Space Saved
Dups Detected

Reclaim Your Drive

Removing duplicate files can often save large amounts of hard drive space.
For Real
  • Extreme Speed
  • Reclaim Space
  • Simple to Use
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